Treatment over!

My radiation and chemo therapy is over! It seems as though there is some progress. I do believe the tumor is smaller. I’m back on eating full meals three times a day which is remarkable. I just wonder how much the tumor shrank.

It seems as though there is some progress. I do believe the tumor is smaller. I’m back on eating full meals three times a day which is remarkable. I just wonder how much the tumor shrank.

Now I wait till July 24 when I get a new pet scan and see exactly how the tumor is pressing. 


I had a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant for breakfast! That may not seem like a lot. I used to eat one every day 4-5 mont s ago. I haven’t been able to eat that much at one sitting since then. My breakfasts have been limited to Carnation nutrition drinks.

Next up: Lunch!

One Week Left

Sorry for lack of updates. GoDaddy hosting makes it harder to log in than it needs to be.

There’s one week left of treatment; 5 radiation, and 1 chemo.

Things are going well. Luckily with only one chemo per week, I don’t get the bad chemo effects. And I use that time to have fluids put back in me, so I feel fine.

And as of the last 24 hours, I’m eating more! I’m able to eat without coughing things up so I’m hoping that means the tumor is smaller. I haven’t pushed it yet, but I’ll eat more and more at each meal and see how I do.

Thanks for everyone for the supportive comments. I’m not the type that likes to talk about myself.

Three weeks after treatment finishes, I will have new scans to see how things are progressing.

Halfway there

Today, I passed the halfway point on radiation therapy (12 of 23) and chemo (3 of 5). On schedule to finish on July 1.

Then, in mid to late July, I’ll get a new PETscan and Endoscopy to see if the tumor has shrunk.

Then 3-4 weeks after that, surgery. (mid-august). Gotta start finding solution for the pups for that.

So far, so good. Don’t want to jinx myself but there’s no real residual effects from radiation or chemo. Just still have that nutrition problem where its hard to get enough nutrition in me, and sometimes causes me to be weak. Sitting down to dry myself off after a shower kind of weak.

Oh Poop!

It’s amazing how much a little thing like constipation can set you back. Yep, its a post about poop. Turn away now!

Had severe constipation Tuesday. It took all of my energy throughout the day (and some meds) to get through it all. And to add to that, I didn’t eat.

So I’m weak as hell right now. Walking across Target with Gatorade even wore me out.

I’m done with that and hooked up to the feeding tube again. I actually got a can of formula in me at work today. Going to try to get 2 in at work and 3 in at home. I need the calories.

I’m down to 135 pounds. I was 160 last fall, 145 after colon surgery, and never gained it back.

My neighbors downstairs are grilling, and it smells incredible. And I’m watching MasterChef where they’re making burgers and tacos and stuff I wish I could get down.

I was going to get some Krispy Kreme today for some calories, but they’ll check my blood sugar when I go for my chemo infusion tomorrow, so I decided not to.

Milo is staring at me. I think he needs to go poop outside. Annnnd a full circle of poop…….

Monday 6/6

Today was a day. I spent most of my day in the hospital, but mostly for small small things. ┬áThe day started off with getting my feeding tube unclogged. Thankfully, they didn’t have to open me up. The guy cleared the tube just by being a little more forceful than I thought I can be with the tube.

Then at 1, I went to get some fluids in me because I was so low on everything and very weak. My blood pressure was kinda low. I need to check it tonight and tomorrow. Then I had my standard radiation.

Either way, its all good, and I’m back on the feeding pump right now. I’m going to start doing a feeding or two at work. Then, maybe I can get another two at home. And more on certain days.

Nothing major, so this is just a diary posting.

Weekend of 6/4-5

Well, the weekend started off poorly when I noticed I couldn’t get water in to my feeding tube. It’s clogged. And of course, its after hours. Can’t deal with it until Monday. It’s Sunday night, and I’ve been living off soup and carnation breakfast drinks. I’m weak.

Other than that, everything is okay. No side effects from radiation or chemo yet.

Chemo today

Today is the first day of chemo. I’ve been sitting waiting for 45 minutes to get started.  Frustrating on my 1st time because I don’t know what is supposed to happen.  Finally getting some attention now.  I’ll continue later. 

All hooked up now. Watching “Containment” on Amazon prime. Started to watch True Blood since I’d never seen it a little too much boobies for this public area. 

It’s a large room with 12-15 people getting treatment; mostly much older people. The room has a beautiful view but all the chairs are pointed away from the window.